Monday, November 17, 2014

Vision of Digital India@2025 … In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Your dream is just a starting point. With the dream begins your responsibility to go forth and make something so great that it will change the lives of other people. The comfort you enjoy is the heritage given to you by previous generations; and now accept it as your obligation to do something for the posterity.
FTIL’s management team has resolved to execute on its founders’ vision for ‘Digital India @ 2025’. With the thrust upon “Made in India” technology, FTIL plans to build and power new generation digital enterprises equivalent to global IT behemoths. Powered by indigenous “Made in India” technology by FTIL, its management team is confident of creating technology solutions which will be India’s own Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ali Baba and Baidu over next 10 years that can make India a technology hub.
These new Digital Disruptors will be the bellwether of inclusive development and growth besides creating a domino effect in the ecosystem that will be breeding ground to more new entrepreneurs, start-ups and job creation and will become the showcase of Digital India by 2025 by FT 3.0.
FT 3.0 is the transformation of FTIL into becoming the de facto 'powered by’ technology partner of choice to create and develop ecosystem of at least 100 new digital giants from India in 10 key sectors such as Retail, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Environment, Infrastructure and Space among others over the next 10 years by 2025. The Company is in the process of appointing an Industry Advisory Board and a leading Consulting firm to help it plan and execute the transformation process in to FT 3.0 and its Founders Vision of Digital India @ 2025.
FTIL’s technology, scale and execution capabilities can significantly contribute in creating and powering at least 100 new digital leaders in ten key sectors over next ten years, feels Mr. Jignesh Shah, Founder & MD of FTIL.

We are undoubtedly in an age where technology governs our lives in its all possible manifestations. Today’s dream becomes a necessity tomorrow, as technology has no boundaries; it gets evolved with very the thought of making life easier.