Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quoting futuristic vision of FTIL – on board expansion

FTIL Board reaffirms its confidence in Management Team to execute on its Founders’ Vision for ‘Digital India @ 2025’ as part of FT 3.0. ‘Made In India’ Technology to Build and Power India’s own equivalent of Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Baidu et al over next 10 years. In the series of events, ODIN to be spun out as separate subsidiary or SBU to attract majority strategic partner / investor was the highlight.

As the new directors were welcomed, the experts in FTIL alluded that the vision 2025 for FTIL was futuristic and pragmatic. The occasion of the expansion of FTIL board got stimulating citations from the leaders of FTIL, as well as the new directors.

Mr Venkat Chary, IAS (Retd), ex-Chairman FMC and Chairman FTIL, welcomed the new Directors on the Board, saying - "Both Berjis and Anil are world class industry seasoned professionals known for being highly independent and vocal about corporate governance and protecting minority shareholder interest on the companies where they serve on the Board, and FTIL will certainly benefit from their experience as the company transforms itself under leadership of its Founder and MD, Jignesh Shah, in to technology partner to build and power new generation digital enterprises that will emerge over next 10 years as part of his vision Digital India @ 2025. Prashant Desai is a thorough industry professional and has played key role in IR and M&A over past year at FTIL."

Mr Jignesh Shah Founder and MD of FTIL also congratulated the new Board of Directors and said, "I have no doubt that the new Board coupled with FTIL’s technology, scale and execution capabilities can significantly contribute in creating & powering at least 100 new digital leaders in 10 key sectors over next 10 years. These new Digital Disruptors will be the bellwether of inclusive development and growth besides creating a domino effect in the ecosystem that will be breeding ground to more new entrepreneurs, start-up’s and job creation and will become the showcase of Digital India by 2025."

Mr Berjis Desai said, “FTIL is a global leader in building robust, enterprise class, scalable and cost efficient technology for developing but fast growing markets like India, SE Asia, Middle East and Africa and I’m excited to be part of its Board as the company embarks on its journey to shift orbit and become preferred technology partner for India’s next emerging tech-enabled giants in key vertical sectors, in line with its Founder’s vision of Digital India @ 2025."

Mr Anil Singhvi said, "I believe, FTIL with its world class Talent, Technology, Capital, Infrastructure and Leadership is ideally poised to become the obvious choice as partner for entrepreneurs and organizations, who would rather outsource the services and conserve the resources to scale up their business. I’m excited about the journey ahead and optimist about FTIL Management team’s ability to execute on Founder’s Vision of Digital India @ 2025".

Mr Prashant Desai added to their view saying, "Despite the recent challenges, there is renewed positive energy within all corners of FTIL. The team is confident of its ability and is confident that FT 3.0 will emerge as a unique Indian IT company focused on ‘technology + innovation+ enterprise’ DNA of FTIL and in the process create significant shareholder value. I am very happy to be on the Board."

Subsuming the views and quotations, the metamorphosis of FTIL with the latest FT 3.0 technology complemented their views and space-age vision for FTIL, to enthuse stakeholders with realistic growth that is expected to be exponential in the coming times. 

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